The lives of the gaveliers which were dulled by the dark clouds of the Covid pandemic were finally lightened with a silver streak! A STREET STREAK!!!

What? A street streak?

Yes! It was the most awaited event for all the foodies out there, a ‘food stall’ organized by the poddos of the Gavel club which gave them the entire day of 15th March 2022 to try different food.

The day started with busy surroundings as a prior shared post by Dunali, encouraged all the massive foodies to brace themselves to attend the food stall with their friends for this wholesome food experience. They were ready to take their tastebuds around different foods such as cookies, waffles, mojito, ice coffee, cutlets, ice cream, etc. Cookies were a go-to snack for people and some loved waffles too. Lime Mojito was in the spotlight as it attracted many people on that sunny day.

The food stall was also eye-catching with a colorful banner with the letters ‘STREET STREAK’. Even though the delicious aromas of our food were enough to lure the customers, it was so fun to jump into people and lead on them to the food stall by ourselves. The food stall was a roaring success with many items sold out in half of the day.

Apart from the mouth-watering food, Mehendi corner was the second highlight of the day. Our skillful Mehendi artists Asmitha and Risdha were able to attract most of the girls with their beautiful Mehendi arts.

“…happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Anuki…”

Despite it being a busy day, we have also been able to surprise our pretty birthday girl, Anuki akki with a cake and a bouquet of flowers.

Our entire day was vibrant and active with the people enjoying the food. As usual, we did not forget to capture a bunch of photographs to keep that moment from running away. At the end of the day our madam president, Panchanie akki, and all our akkis and aiyas shared their thoughts with us while sitting under the cold breeze of trees. They were grateful for all the poddas who worked together to make the food stall a success.

Although it was sad to say goodbye for another day with our favorite people, our hearts were bouncing with happiness when thinking about how our lives were always filled with joy and love when we are with our gavel family.

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