Harmonizing Dreams: An Evening of Unity at the Gavel Club’s AGM 2023

After the new executive committee of the gavel club for the term 2023-24 was announced on Sunday, the 23rd of July, we were all eagerly waiting until the 25th of July, which was the day of the AGM. The two-day wait was not that boring either, because we all wanted to colour co-ordinate our outfits for the AGM, so we had to agree upon a unified colour choice. This task turned out to be more difficult than I expected because GV. Sathmi’s number one choice is always pink and GV. Amjad’s favourite colour was purple while GV. Lavindu wanted to wear blue. After a long banter, everyone agreed on wearing blue on the day of the AGM.

Finally, the big day arrived. I hurried to the gavel room as soon as my morning lecture was over. By the time I reached the gavel room, many of my fellow gavelliers were fully engrossed in the meticulous preparations for the upcoming evening event. While they were busy doing preparations in the gavel room, I left with GV. Ashfaaq and GV. Rithvick to start decorating the Munasinghe Hall. By the time we figured out how to decorate the hall, GV. Pawanya and GV. Tavishi also joined us to help with the decorations, and that’s when our Madam President GV. Ranulie offered us lunch. We enjoyed our lunch together and finished decorating the hall with everyone’s help.

Gradually the guests and the members of the outgoing executive committee, our dearest lokkas, started arriving at the venue. Everyone was ready to start the function by 4.30 p.m, including our dearest gaveliers from the Faculty of Engineering who were present at the main university right on time as usual. The Annual General Meeting started ceremoniously upon the arrival of Prof. Sudath M. Amarasena, the Director of the Career Guidance Unit, along with the club advisor Mrs. Nirosha Maduwanthi.

After formally starting the proceedings of the AGM, it was time for the discharge of the outgoing executive committee for the year 2022-2023. The entire audience gave the outgoing executive committee a well-deserved standing ovation as they were on stage. We are forever grateful to them for their service towards the club. Then came the moment that we were all eagerly waiting for; the announcement of the incoming executive committee for the year 2023-2024. We were really excited to listen to our introductions which were read out by our dearest lokka GV. Asmitha. They really touched our hearts as they were put together by our very own fellow executive committee members.

The never ending photography session started immediately after the formal proceedings of the AGM ended. It was towards the end of the photography session that the most unexpected thing happened; a power cut. But it’s never a dull moment with my fellow gaveliers as we all turned on our flashlights and started singing our all-time-favorite song, “Night Changes”, creating a momentary musical evening atmosphere. 

As the chorus of “Night Changes” reverberated through the darkness, I couldn’t help but reflect on the journey that led us to this beautiful evening. From the excitement of selecting the perfect colour for our outfits, every moment had been infused with dedication and unity. The AGM marked not just a passing of the torch from one executive committee to another, but a continuation of the legacy that binds us together. As we walked out of the dimly lit room into the night, the stars above seemed to twinkle a little brighter, mirroring the glow of our shared memories. The AGM had not just marked the beginning of a new executive term; it had etched another chapter into the story of our Gavel Club – a story filled with colours and laughter. And so, as we dispersed into the night, each with our own dreams and aspirations, we carried with us the spirit of the AGM – a celebration of unity, resilience, and the unbreakable bonds that define us as Gaveliers. In the end, it wasn’t just about the executive committee or the formal proceedings; it was about us – the Gavel Club family – coming together, embracing every moment, and creating a masterpiece out of life’s unexpected twists.


  1. Sathmi Dinanja

    It was indeed one of the best memories we made on our Gavel journey 🩷

  2. Thareesha Disanayaka

    Well written Kemindee nanga❣️

  3. Oooh the shade at us Engi peeps🌚

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