Bright Moments Amidst a Gloomy Day: The 12th Installation of the Gavel Club, USJ

It was the 31st of August, a day that began with the clouds hanging low and the weight of a morning exam, a glow of inspiration shone through the gloom. It was the evening of the 12th installation ceremony of the Gavel Club, a momentous occasion which painted vibrant strokes of colour onto the canvas of an otherwise gloomy day.

The day had already presented its fair share of challenges, for GV Amjad, GV Adhi, GV Rovindu, GV Lavindu and myself, who wrestled with the morning Maths exam. The event served as a ray of sunshine, illuminating the moods of the so-called army of Bob the builder.

Before the ceremony began, preparations took place. I was given the responsibility of organising the badges and certificates where GV Keshala and GV Maristella joined me, ensuring that every detail was in place.

As attendees gathered, the colour blue enveloped the scene. The ladies of the incoming board radiated elegance with matching blue sarees, while the gentlemen coordinated with blue ties and blazers creating a visual treat that resembled a blend of style and unity. A very big thanks to both GV Nisali and GV Ashfaaq, for their amount of effort in securing perfectly matching sarees was nothing short of remarkable.

The ceremony kicked off with a warm welcome speech by the Vice President of Education GV Pawanya Balasooriya, setting the tone for the event. After a couple of speeches from the dignitaries invited, certificates were awarded to the outgoing Executive Committee members as a recognition of their dedication and contribution, acknowledging their pivotal roles in guiding the club through the previous term.

Pinning of the badges was a symbolic transition, signifying the transfer of leadership. As badges were affixed to the incoming committee members, including myself, it marked the commencement of a new journey filled with responsibilities and aspirations. A new board was formed under the capable leadership of President GV Ranulie.

The ceremony extended its warm embrace to the poddas, as the juniors were also inducted as members of the gavel club. Not to forget about the video played during the ceremony which led to an array of funny content stickers in the Whatsapp group which is currently adding a dose of humour to every conversation.

Against the grey skies, the sea of blue served as a beacon of hope, a reminder that even in uncertain times, leadership and camaraderie can shine brightly, dispelling the clouds of uncertainty.

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    Beautifully written.
    Article didn’t miss out any instances .

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