A Perfect “Valentine’s Date”

On the 26th of January, as we were all busy getting ready for Vorbitor, I got an exciting text from Loshini akki. It read that I have gotten selected to be a part of the organizing committee for the valentine themed informal meeting at Gavel. I honestly didn’t know what to expect because that was my first time being in a gavel organizing committee, but needless to say, I was very excited. Later I was added to a group along with Sathmi, Gayara, Tavishi, Supipi, Rayani akki, and Loshini akki. We started planning and discussing ideas there. Oh!,  and the after-lectures group calls were just so much fun and only took a minute for us to bond. More than those being “work calls”, I was looking forward to having the next call with all the inside jokes and playing around with the nicest people. 


We decided to have our Valentine’s meeting on the 17th of February (the weekend after Valentine’s Day). The preparation of pre-meeting posts and teasers was a really fun process, not to mention all the fun challenges we made. Brainstorming ideas as a committee and putting that to work together is one of the many favorite memories I have of the overall experience. 


So, on the day of the Valentine’s meeting, we all came to uni at around 10 in the morning and we started the most fun and chaotic part of the event- Decorations! Prepping for all the Valentine-related games was just as fun as playing the games. At around 2.30-3.00 pm, we were done with the preparations and were finally ready to start the informal session with everyone on board. After the usual head start we had an entertaining round-robin session and our round-robin master was Gv.Gayara. The topic of the session was “What would be your ideal Valentine’s date?”. Everyone came up with their answers and it was such an amazing pool of innovative and romantic answers. It was so much fun and interactive. 


Afterward, we moved to our game session which included a bunch of really entertaining challenges, like musical hearts and “separation anxiety”. Next up was a wholesome karaoke session, in which we sang songs together and had a wonderful time with Siluni akki accompanying us with the guitar.


Finally, everyone received a personalized Valentine’s note to take home. We put our heart and soul into writing out messages and enjoyed both writing and receiving the notes. At around 5 pm we wrapped up the session and didn’t forget to grab an ice cream to give a perfect end to the perfect day, or should I say date. ?

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  1. Loshini Rodrigo

    Indeed well written,Keep up the good work Pawanya!

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