After one stressful semester, I was in my vacation mood.” Hi all, we are planning to have our next meeting with the gavel club of the university of Moratuwa this Saturday”. Such exciting news appeared through WhatsApp? .


On the 27th of November, we had our educational meeting on the theme “sweets ??????” with gavel Mora.


Mora gaveliers were there to welcome all our lokkas and poddas. The official meeting proceedings were started by Gv.Suthira, President of Gavel Mora, sharing a sweet experience about baking a cake for the first time ?.Then the gavel was passed to the Toastmaster of the day Gv.Shenali for an energetic session following the introduction of the General Evaluator, Gv.Rithvik from J’pura Gavel.


After that, we moved to the round robin session conducted by Gv.Rovindu with a tasty topic, “The sweetest person in my life “where everyone was encouraged to express about the master chefs in the recipe of their lives. The table topic session was conducted by table topic master with the participation of energetic speakers from J’pura gavel and Gavel Mora. The evaluation session was concluded with grammarian’s report, timer’s report and ah counter’s report as well as with detailed evaluations for table topic speeches.


The meeting was concluded by Gv. Loshini,  the President of J’pura gavel, strengthening the bond between J’pura gavel and Gavel Mora. 


After the official proceedings were over, it was time to take photographs, have meet-ups, and chit-chat. Next Mora gavelliers were getting ready to take us a ride around Mora. First, we visited the “Lagan” a place with a calm and cool surrounding, where as usual we call it “Wala”. There they had arranged refreshments for us.


After spending time there, our next location was the “Boat Yard “, a place that I was excited to visit. While we were walking we had small chit-chats with our Mora friends and got to know the places we were passing by at that time. Finally, we reached the Boat Yard, a boat placed in Bolgoda Lake. We got into the boat one by one as we had to keep the balance as it was moving dangerously. The best part was that as it was not easy to get out of the boat, we had to follow the laws of physics  to get off the boat maybe as it was Mora?


Finally, it was time to say goodbye to our Mora friends there. But it was not a goodbye, not by a long shot. We parted ways with a lot of new bonds, new friends, waves of laughter, chit chats and memories for a  lifetime.❤

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  1. Loshini Rodrigo

    Nicely written Malki, Keep up the good work! ?

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